What is Zepy?

Zepy is a service that combines technology and real people to provide unrivaled personalized help and protection. Our mission is to help older people have peace of mind, security, and support on a broad range of problems they face on a daily basis. We believe in what we do and provide a purpose driven service that makes our users’ lives easier, safer, and supports their independent lifestyle. Learn how Zepy can help you or someone you love.

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With Zepy You Are Never Alone

No one should ever feel alone or like they have nowhere to turn for honest answers, support, or identifying a potential scam. Older people are targeted by criminals and scammers who steal countless millions of dollars every year. These crimes take much more than money from their victims, they take trust, independence, and can destroy your way of life. Often, older people are unaware of a scam, too embarrassed to ask for help, or sadly have no one to turn to when they need advice.

Our members are never alone with their own personal assistant ready to help and our advanced cyber security technology to identify unforeseen threats and risks. See for yourself how Zepy can help you.

Plan & Pricing

The most important thing about Zepy is people helping people. We are always here for you and no problem or question is too small when it comes to your security and peace of mind. Our dedicated and professional team is ready to help you anytime day or night. Choose the plan that is right for you and your needs.


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Why Zepy?

We care about what we do and the people we help. We believe that having the support you need when you need it is essential to your quality of life. Zepy provides protection, privacy, support, and we are always available for you. We believe that what we do is personal and supports our users’ independence. Try Zepy today and relax knowing that you always have someone waiting to assist you.

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Our Story

The story of Zepy was to create a service that we believe in and help vulnerable people. Our beliefs, our ethics, and our principles are the core of our business. What makes us different is our people and our purpose driven mission. Our goal is to know that we made a difference in someones’ life and that we provided real help to our users. We believe in what we do and we value the people we help and protect.


Zepy Senior Citizen Support

FBI Warns of Scams Targeting Older People

Elder fraud costs seniors more than $3 billion in losses annually, is a growing problem with no solution in sight. Know the signs!

Zepy Help for Elderly Seniors

The Danger of Identity Theft is a Nightmare

When someone steals personal or financial information to commit fraud. It can destroy credit, finances, and reputation.

Zepy Senior Protection

Loneliness and Social Isolation in Older Adults

Felling alone can be difficult for anyone, but it can also be bad for your health new research shows. Understand social isolation.

Zepy service for senior citizens

Technology Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Technology can help you make new connections, communicate with family and much more. Good tech support is the key to success

Have Any Questions?

We are always available and no question is too small. At Zepy your peace of mind is our business.

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