Our Story

Zepy was created by Cyber Security Researcher Jeremiah Fowler who has worked in the software and technology industry for over a decade. His data discoveries have been featured in news outlets such as Forbes, BBC, Gizmodo, and many others. He has helped identify, secure, and protect the data of millions of people around the world. 

Zepy was created as a purpose driven service. To us there is no greater mission than helping and protecting vulnerable people. A higher purpose is doing something you believe in and knowing what you do will make a difference or a positive impact in the lives of real people. Our core values are what gives our actions meaning and we think that matters to our customers and community. Our story starts with the promise to help and protect our users from an ever growing threat landscape and support them at every step along the way.

“For years I have helped identify data breaches and protect the data of millions of people around the world, now I want to use my knowledge and experience to help the most vulnerable among us”. – Jeremiah Fowler Cyber Security Expert and Zepy CEO

Technology Has Changed The Word In Good and Bad Ways.

In the old days if someone was trying to scam you or get your social security number they would have to knock on your door and look you in the eye and ask for information, cash, or a check. You could simply tell them to get off your porch and close the door and the problem was solved. Times have changed and now banking, bill payments, and credit card transactions can be done on the internet or over the phone. This makes it very easy for criminals to steal in real time or use sophisticated methods to scam their victims. The internet has made it possible for these criminals to be anywhere in the world, remain anonymous, and often they never face justice for their crimes. We believe that technology has grown too big, too fast, and does not offer the safety and protection that older people need. This is why we created Zepy to be a firewall that supports, educates, and protects our users.

These are scary times when someone can use computer software to fake a phone number so that it appears like the IRS is calling and threatening you with jail if you don’t pay. Technology allows someone to be in another country and claim they are your neighbor and need help, or they are law enforcement, the IRS, or a never ending list of scenarios.

In a given year, 1 in 18 older adults is victim to financial scams, fraud or abuse, according to a study in the American Journal of Public Health. That is a huge number that can and should be prevented. Many people would not fall victim if they had something as simple as someone they could turn to who could investigate or warn them about the dangers and risks they may be facing. At Zepy our mission to provide this service and protection. Our team combines cyber security and technology experience with a human touch to provide more than just support to the most vulnerable in our society or those who need us the most.

Our Mission

Zepy provides service and protection for you and your loved ones. We help our users identify fraud, scams, and stay safe. We combine technology and human assistance to make sure that you are never alone, your information is safe, and you always have a trusted companion to answer your questions. 

Protection and Security

We have over a decade of experience protecting data and information online. Knowing how sensitive information is exposed or leaked online helps us understand how to protect your information online and offline

Support and Help

Not being technical should never stop you from keeping in touch with family, interacting on social media, managing your finances or other important tasks that require some basic technical skills.

Never Alone Promise

It is important to us that our users never feel alone and know that we are always here and waiting to help them. This is the foundation that Zepy was built on and the trust our customers can rely on.

Customer Satisfaction

We understand that we can't solve every problem but we will do our best to help you and make sure that you are satisfied with the quality and service of our help and support.

Have Any Questions?

We are always available and no question is too small. At Zepy your peace of mind is our business.

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