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According to a report published by the Pew Research Center and estimated one-third of Americans who are 65 and older are not comfortable using and understanding technology. This prevents many people from fully experiencing the positive benefits of their phone, computer, and tablets. Without knowing how the device works is can be hard for older people to use social media or communicating with friends or family. This is where Zepy tech support can help show you the basics or even assist with more complex or technical problems.

There are many benefits to having technology in your life. The internet can be a great source of information, entertainment, and social connections it brings. We take pride in helping older people learn new technology or walking you through difficult technical problems. It is a fact that technology can improve your quality of life and the lack of skills should not prevent you from missing out everything technology has to offer. If you or someone you love is an older adult who needs help with your device or anything internet related we can help you.


Communication is an important part of life and now more than ever people need connections and conversations. Technology can bridge the gap when you are unable to see friends or family in person. Video calls are are an easy way to keep in contact but only if you have the knowledge to use your device and understand the platform or software. If your device has a camera maybe you are not sure how video chat works or are having problems making calls, we can help you.

Many calling or communication apps do not offer real tech support if you are having issues making calls. It is often a ticket based system that can take days to get a reply. If the issue is your device they will often ignore your request or reply with a useless template. Or worse there is no tech support and the application send you to an infinite loop of technical articles that can waste hours of time when all you wanted to do was make a call. At Zepy Tech Support we understand how frustrating this can be and we are ready to help you.


Another great way to spend your free time is to play games online, listen to music, or read news. It is amazing to have so much information and entertainment just a few mouse clicks away!  We here at Zepy Tech Support believe that no one should be deprived of information and entertainment because of a lack of knowledge or technical skills.

It is proven that as we get older we must keep our brain stimulated. Games and entertainment are great way to enjoy your days. We want to make sure that you have the help you need to stay sharp and focused. Some have called Zepy Senior Support Service, but we like to think that we are people help people who need us. 

Technology can also play an important part of your wellness and health management. Since the start of the Covid pandemic there has been a rise in the use of telehealth services. This is where you have a doctor appoint by a video chat. It is safe, easy, and convenient. We can make sure that you have the assistance you need when it comes to telehealth tech support.

Zepy is more than Tech Support for Senior Citizens and we offer help for people of all ages. Technology can help people to stay connected to friends and family. We want to make sure that all Zepy users can benefit from technology and positive impact that it can have in the life of an older adult. Contact us today and let us help you get the most out of your devices and internet.





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