Zepy Tech Support

Privacy and security are just part of what Zepy provides our members. We also offer technical help on a wide range of issues that our users face every day. We believe that not being technical should prevent you from getting the most out of your computer, phone, or other device. We are always ready to help you and Zepy tech support is here when you need us. No question is too small and your peace of mind is our business.

Speed Up a Slow Computer

No one like a slow computer. There can be many causes of why your device is slow. We can help you identify what is wrong and offer the best solution to get you back up to speed.

Virus Removal and Security Software

Having a virus or malware on your computer can slow down your computer or phone and it can also put your private information at risk. We can help you remove unwanted virus or malware and give you advice on how to protect your devices. 

Help With Email or Internet Problems

Email and Internet problems can be frustrating when they prevent you from communicating or getting online. Sending a message to support can feel like writing letters to Santa. We help in real time!

Install or Help With Calling or Video Software

Staying connecting is important and having a technical problem should not stop you from having the tools to stay in touch with friends, family, and loved ones. 

Update, Install, or Uninstall Software

Updating your software is important to having the latest security fixes and removing unwanted software sometimes leaves parts behind. If you need tech support to help you we are here to assist.

Support, Help, and Much More

Not being technical should never stop you from keeping in touch with family, interacting on social media, managing your finances or other important tasks that require some basic technical skills.


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